Now Platform for Healthcare Digital Transformation

ServiceNow is a great platform for digital transformation and workflow management which consists of modern cloud capabilities. It allows building smarter digital workflow applications with its unified ‘Now’ platform simplifying how businesses work. Its main features include:

  • Faster workflow development – The Now platform provides a wide range of tools to quickly create low-code applications, and with its app engine, you can build powerful UIs.
  • Integration support – You can connect applications with other systems or third-party applications to create engaging applications.
  • Security – It offers data protection mechanisms and access management tools so that companies do not have to worry about violating security regulations
  • Predictive Intelligence – With this capability, businesses can predict the users’ requirements and major incidents in advance. Therefore, it helps to identify where your workflows need improvements the most. 
  • Smart recommendations – Natural Language Processing (NLP) to retrieve suggestions for quickly resolving the issues. Also, it quickly surfaces information and automates repetitive tasks to optimize the performance of the workflows.
  • Automating Task classification – The Now platform uses ML to automatically classify incidents and tasks and assign them to the right person, significantly reducing the resolution time.
  • Mobile Application support – The mobile app builder allows you to configure and create engaging mobile applications.