Four Benefits Prudent PS360

  1. Technology consolidation and simplification of IT landscape

Health care organizations have several complex workflows, and they need to enter and manage different types of information everyday. Managing complex workflows and data can be a hectic task if their IT environment is a complex one with multiple technologies. Therefore, simplicity should be the number one characteristic of a patient safety software solution especially when it is used by non-technical staff. Prudent PS360 is built on the ServiceNow platform, which uses application consolidation to streamline resources. This technology consolidation and simplification provides greater efficiency while minimizing operational and maintenance costs. 

  1. Improve reporting and benchmarking

Prudent 360 provides advanced reporting facilities where the hospital staff can efficiently report patient safety incidents, perform quick root cause analysis, automate surveys and feedback. It lets health care providers identify the gaps in their patient safety procedures to focus on improving the areas of concern. Defining performance indicators is a straightforward process where you can build SLAs for tasks and do benchmarking to measure the performances of your workflows. 

       3. Reduce time and pressure on front line staff; letting them focus on patient care

Hospital front-line staff often have tight schedules where they need to provide care for patients 24 hours, and they need a simplified solution that has a small learning curve and quickly adapts themselves to use. The prudent PS360 ServiceNow-based platform provides that exact capability because it is a consolidated and simplified solution which the staff can grasp the concepts fairly quickly and easily manage. This simplification reduces the burden from the front-line staff, allowing them to focus more on patient care. 

    4. Improve patient outcome

Prudent 360 lets you record important information such as patient histories, safety procedures, and patient complaints across the organization. Therefore, you have more data where you can learn important insights about your patient safety workflows. It leverages the power of AI to identify unreported incidents and many more insights and improve patient outcomes.