Find Unreported HACs with AI

  • Up to 85% of hospital acquired conditions are never reported voluntarily.
  • Prudent AI Spotlight is an advanced natural language processors built and trained to find HACs hidden in your clinical notes.
  • AI Spotlight can securely integrate and receive clinical notes from EMR. Hosted in your own data center.
  •  95% accurate in identifying patient safety events.
  • Taxonomy and workflow compliant with AHRQ and TJC pre-populated and expandable to meet your internal classifications
  • AI will look for symptoms, treatment, or reference to events such as: pressure ulcers, falls, SSIs, etc.
  • Integrate with PS360 or your current application (such as RLDatix)

User Friendly. Detailed Information.

AI Spotlight Dash board will provide a holistic view of all events identified by AI. Each event can be viewed individually with highlighted details that needs your attention. You can Convert AI events to incidents or ignore. Great for accurate reporting and trend analysis  

Integrate with Patient Safety Software

  • PS360 AI Spotlight is an integrated module that automate the discovery of unreported events from various sources. Benchmark and monitor trends.

  • Presented to patient safety analyst or unit manager for confirmation. Relevant text that triggered the model is highlighted (See image on the right)
  • Ai will learn from your feedback to improve future accuracy. 
  • Correlate against reported incidents and highlight only what’s important for safety analysts to review
  • Convert  AI reports to incidents to investigate or simply use it to benchmark overall performance.

Live & Dynamic Reporting

  • Deep level 3 insights such as contributing factors distribution or trends

  • Role based dashboard and reports for units heads, risk managers, safety analysts, and frontline staff, and any other role. Unlimited org structure mapping
  • Dynamic dashboard data and reminders of tasks assigned to me, your peers, or direct reports.
  • Create new dashboards and information layout in minutes 
  • Highly configurable interface and reports with role based access with SSO / LDAP integration 
  • Export to PDF, CSV or simply create your dynamic daily reports on dashboard. 

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Prudent Healthcare Technology

is an innovative Canadian Startup based out fo Toronto, Ontario. We  are on a mission to improve patient safety and outcomes while helping hospitals reduce costs and administrative workload.


PS360 is built on HIPPA compliment platform.