Patient Safety

Transforming HealthCare Patient Safety

  • Plan and manage end to end patient safety and quality of care
  • Extensive collaborative capability to engage patients, healthcare workers, management, amd third parties
  •  Simplify compliance requirements with automated filing capabilities  
  •  Manage full life cycle of hospital objectives and KPIs 
  •  Automate assignment of tasks with easy to manage internal & external service level agreements (SLAs)
PrudentHC Pitch Deck


  • Our proactive engine combining automated workflow to capture, monitor, and address performance and risks before they impact patients

  • Empower the Organizations to define Performance Metrics with simple yet impactful Repository for Policies and Procedures mapped to Programs and Departments in Healthcare.
  • Define Key Performance Indicators that are as simple as GUI based filter conditions and as powerful as scripted queries.
  • Measure the adherence against predefined targets followed by running Automated or manual metrics.
  • Trigger automated Corrective Actions or Investigations if result are below satisfactory levels.
  • Real time trend analysis from Incidents, Investigations, Gaps, Complaints Surveys, etc.
  • Look ahead for upcoming Assessments to alert relevant Teams to keep up the standard of care.
  • Source feedback that’s measured and benchmarked against set KPIs
  • Leverage Knowledge Base for sharing Lessons Learnt.

Patient Safety 360

  • Superior focus on patient safety and experience. Report events and near-misses, automate surveys and feedback, perform root cause analysis, and manage improvement tasks

  • Report Patient Safety Incidents detailing the occurrence with right categorization.
  • Empower Investigations with sequence of Events, noted Gaps in Care and Contributing Factors leading to the Gaps.
  • Set up Subject Matter Expert Teams to carry out Investigations using Collaboration on ServiceNow Platform.
  • Measure Gaps in Care against Policies in Healthcare.
  • Map Corrective Actions against Gaps/Contributing Factors.
  • Determine Hierarchy of Effectiveness for Actions.
  • Track progress on Actions with Service Level Agreements.
  • Reports Care Complaints to remediate and provide highest Quality of Care.
  • Report to the Ministries/Monitoring Authorities the Patient Safety Data and help National and Global Communities with lessons learnt.

Performance Analytics

  • With ServiceNow Performance Analytics

    • Create management dashboards
    • Report on KPIs and metrics
    • Answer key business questions