Patient Safety & User Experience

Simplifying the user interface of patient safety reporting systems is crucial for improving patient safety. When healthcare providers are able to easily and efficiently report incidents and near-misses, track trends, and implement corrective actions, patient care can be significantly improved. A complex and confusing user interface can result in healthcare providers being hesitant to report… Continue reading Patient Safety & User Experience

The Advantages of Migrating Patient Safety Reporting to ServiceNow

Patient safety is one of the most critical aspects of healthcare. Medical errors, misdiagnoses, and other mishaps can cause significant harm to patients, and often result in legal, financial, and reputational consequences for healthcare providers. To minimize the risks associated with patient care, many healthcare organizations have implemented patient safety reporting systems. These systems allow… Continue reading The Advantages of Migrating Patient Safety Reporting to ServiceNow

Now Platform for Healthcare Digital Transformation

ServiceNow is a great platform for digital transformation and workflow management which consists of modern cloud capabilities. It allows building smarter digital workflow applications with its unified ‘Now’ platform simplifying how businesses work. Its main features include: Faster workflow development – The Now platform provides a wide range of tools to quickly create low-code applications, and with… Continue reading Now Platform for Healthcare Digital Transformation

Four Benefits Prudent PS360

Technology consolidation and simplification of IT landscape Health care organizations have several complex workflows, and they need to enter and manage different types of information everyday. Managing complex workflows and data can be a hectic task if their IT environment is a complex one with multiple technologies. Therefore, simplicity should be the number one characteristic… Continue reading Four Benefits Prudent PS360

Patient Safety Software Solutions

Today, numerous patient safety software solutions allow organizations to track and record incidents and events, escalate them to the right person and take the necessary actions at the right time.  The right patient safety software solutions will include workflows related to complex healthcare regulatory standards so that every individual across the organization knows their responsibilities.… Continue reading Patient Safety Software Solutions